I’m writing this going by the assumption that you don’t know me and by luck you’ve been brought to my page. As a child I always wanted to style peoples hair or spend hours looking at the current styles and trying to find my own way to recreate them.

I managed to master the art of plaiting (or so I thought) until I reached the age of 16 and decided that actually I could possibly take my skills further. I had never really had any guidance or anyone teach me how to style hair, it just seemed to be something I was naturally good at.

When I was 16 I started to work at a salon owned by a family friend, they took me on as an assistant having no previous experience, alongside studying to do my A-levels. The more time I spent in the salon the more I knew that being a hair stylist was a possible future for me, they took me on as an apprentice and eventually I qualified as a level 2 stylist.

I am now able to cut, colour and style hair but above all colouring and styling hair are my favourite things to do. I think that without changing your hair dramatically you are able to achieve so many different looks.

In this blog I hope to share with you my tips, ideas and styles, any comments are welcome.

Saff x