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Gousto Recipe kits – Tried and tested! 🍴

I have seen a lot of make fresh recipe kits recently on TV, Instagram, Twitter and anywhere that they can be marketed. To be honest I had never been interested in buying one before as I usually cook for one (unless my boyfriend is over) so its more cost effective for me to just buy… Continue reading Gousto Recipe kits – Tried and tested! 🍴

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Lets talk body confidence – Stretch marks

I thought I'd write about stretch marks, a bit of an unusual topic for me to write about but it's something that is pretty personal and affects SO many of us. It seems like we are trying to create a flawless version of ourselves which is simply unobtainable, trying to look like pictures we see… Continue reading Lets talk body confidence – Stretch marks

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Boutique of Molly -Florence bag 🛍🌸 

If you've been reading my posts for a while now you'll know that I love pink, its my favourite colour ever and if you haven't then you're about to. I've been looking for a small coloured bag for a while as I only had black bags until now, actually most things I own are black… Continue reading Boutique of Molly -Florence bag 🛍🌸 

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Are your make-up brushes causing you breakouts? 

Today's post is about brush/ make-up tool hygiene, how we can improve it and the effect it can have on our skin. Why should we wash make-up brushes/tools?  I know this sounds pretty obvious but just think about it say you wear make-up every day and you use a brush to put on your foundation.… Continue reading Are your make-up brushes causing you breakouts? 

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Curly hair lifesavers!

Spring is on it's way and us curly haired people have to battle the humidity on a daily basis! I am always getting people compliment me on my natural hair and saying how lucky I am to have it, but little do they know it has to be tamed with numerous products. I have some… Continue reading Curly hair lifesavers!

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Colouring your hair at home – tips and tricks 

I thought I'd do a post on colouring hair at home as so many people seem to do this now, and quite often I get asked how to have stopped failed attempts happening or how to fix it... and to be honest it would have been easier for these to not have happened in the… Continue reading Colouring your hair at home – tips and tricks 

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From pixie cut to short bob – my hair growth story

It's safe to say the last nine months my hair has been through a lot, from black to ginger (warm as hairdressers would say) to khaki green and back to my natural colour brown, keep reading if you want to find out more... So I had been growing out a pixie cut from when I… Continue reading From pixie cut to short bob – my hair growth story