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April favourites – A bit of everything 

I know it is a little late as we are now in May but I thought I would do a round up of my favorite items from April. I have picked 6 things to tell you a little about and I hope you like them too. Lee Stafford: Bleach Blondes hair oil £8 This is… Continue reading April favourites – A bit of everything 

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Boutique of Molly -Florence bag 🛍🌸 

If you've been reading my posts for a while now you'll know that I love pink, its my favourite colour ever and if you haven't then you're about to. I've been looking for a small coloured bag for a while as I only had black bags until now, actually most things I own are black… Continue reading Boutique of Molly -Florence bag 🛍🌸 

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Are your make-up brushes causing you breakouts? 

Today's post is about brush/ make-up tool hygiene, how we can improve it and the effect it can have on our skin. Why should we wash make-up brushes/tools?  I know this sounds pretty obvious but just think about it say you wear make-up every day and you use a brush to put on your foundation.… Continue reading Are your make-up brushes causing you breakouts? 

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Q&A – 10 Questions about me

I thought I'd share with you something a little different today, I feel that not many of you really know anything about me so I asked a friend to write down 10 questions and I have answered them below: What is your favourite sweet treat to make? Definitely chocolate brownies, the perfect mix of cakiness… Continue reading Q&A – 10 Questions about me

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March favourites – a bit of everything!

Hello lovelies I thought today I'd write about my favourite things this month and most of those things are pink! Anyone who really knows me will understand my love of pink, and anyone who doesn't definitely will after reading this post. I'm totally in love with Primark's new underwear range and I especially love this… Continue reading March favourites – a bit of everything!

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Pro Blo Volumize Me – Teasing brush review 🎀

Do you want added volume but with no heat and minimum effort? If so then this may be the product for you!  I got this product and tried it on fine straight hair and thick hair because I thought that I couldn't review it if I didn't try it on a variety of hair types.… Continue reading Pro Blo Volumize Me – Teasing brush review 🎀

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Curly hair lifesavers!

Spring is on it's way and us curly haired people have to battle the humidity on a daily basis! I am always getting people compliment me on my natural hair and saying how lucky I am to have it, but little do they know it has to be tamed with numerous products. I have some… Continue reading Curly hair lifesavers!

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Bershka – the best black high waisted jeans

Jeans are one thing I wear all the time, I think they are great because you can wear them any time of year for pretty much any kind of occasion, you can dress them up or down or however you want. They come in all kinds of styles, lengths, sizes and colours but today I… Continue reading Bershka – the best black high waisted jeans

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Colouring your hair at home – tips and tricks 

I thought I'd do a post on colouring hair at home as so many people seem to do this now, and quite often I get asked how to have stopped failed attempts happening or how to fix it... and to be honest it would have been easier for these to not have happened in the… Continue reading Colouring your hair at home – tips and tricks