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Health and Fitness Q&A Part Two

I‘m currently sitting here writing this post eating my breakfast after a 30 minute legs workout in my boyfriends garage at his home and I am shattered… You don’t need fancy equipment, lots of time or a gym membership in order to be fit and healthy you just need a little bit of space and motivation. This post is the follow up to Health & Fitness part one so I’m hoping to answer the remaining unanswered questions below.

1) How do you make yourself find time to go to the gym?

Personally my opinion is that if you want to go to the gym and see/feel a difference then you will have to make the time. I try and plan when I’m going to workout and then I have no excuse not to go, unless something out of the ordinary happens and then I can’t. I try not to do long gym sessions which means it is so much easier to make time for my workouts. It’s recommended that we exercise for 30 minutes a day 5 times a week so if you can spare 30 minutes in the morning or the evening then perfect! I love workouts in the morning as it prepares me for the day ahead but sometimes getting up early is a struggle! Going for walk or run at lunch time is an easy way to get in some exercise as then you’ve done some cardio without worrying about when you are going to fit it in.

2) What is your workout routine?

I’m following a 12 week plan by Kayla Itstines at the moment called BBG (Bikini Body Guide) it changes every week and gets harder over time, I’m currently on week 9 and will write a full post on it when I’ve completed it. It mainly consists of 3x 28 minute circuit workouts 3x per week with added HIIT (i.e. intervals) and LISS (i.e. walking) training. I do like to mix up my workouts too and workout with my mum!

3) Do you do classes as well as the gym?

I do the occasional class such as body balance and circuits but I prefer to workout on my own or in the gym as I can work at my own pace and as hard as I want to. I’d really like to try a spinning class but every time I try and book myself into one they are always full, so maybe its not meant to be…

4) What’s your favourite snack before or after the gym?

It’s got to be Eat Natural bars! the best one in my opinion is the Chocolate and Popcorn one, the only problem is once I have one I want to eat the whole packet!

5) What’s your favourite work out song?

I love working out to ‘When we stand together’ by Nickleback, I’m not too sure why I just find it a really motivating song.

6) What got you into fitness and the gym?

I’ve always been into my fitness as I was a Gymnast and Cheerleader for many years and within the sports you had to do ‘conditioning’ to keep fit to which in turn allowed you to physically do the sports. Once I stopped Cheerleading and Gymnastics I really wanted to keep fit so joined my local gym and have been going ever since, I’m pretty bad at team sports and always have been so the gym was the perfect option. I have had a few blips where I haven’t been for months or I have just lost motivation or had things happen which have meant I haven’t been able to go, but right now I am more motivated than ever and it feels great!

*Please note: I am not a professional and I don’t have qualifications in PT, I have qualifications in GCSE and A-level Sport & Nutrition so all advice is based on that and my personal opinion. Any advice followed is at your own risk.*

Thank you for reading today’s post, I really loved writing this Q&A and hope you enjoyed it too. If you have any Health & Fitness questions please feel free to ask me!

Happy Reading,

Love Saff x


5 thoughts on “Health and Fitness Q&A Part Two

    1. Thank you so much! I think it’s so hard to find something you like and stick to it, some days I really can’t be bothered but I just wanted a totally honest post because expectations of everyone in the fitness world are so unrealistic! It will who knows what it will be 🙂 x


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