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Today’s post is about a product sample that I was lucky enough to be gifted by GLAMGLOW UK. I kept seeing their products popping up on my Instagram and Twitter feeds and reading about how amazing they were, so when I was lucky enough to be sent a sample I couldn’t wait to try it out. I mean this literally, as soon as I opened the package I ran upstairs to cleanse my face and let it work its magic…

What I think about the product itself and GLAMGLOW UK as a company

The sample is the perfect travel size mask that you can take almost anywhere as it’s only 15g in size. Its’ in a pretty blue tube with silver font which is appealing and you know exactly what’s inside from reading the words on the front (I don’t trust mystery products in tubes).The back of the tube has the full instructions on how to use the mask with three super easy steps, I love this because you may think its obvious how a product should be used but for the best results instructions are key. The tube itself is squeezy which is great because when you think you’re almost out you can cut off the top and use the remaining product because who likes waste anyway?

Just for the record I’m not the type of person who will tell you that a company is great just so you buy their products or just to please them. From the moment that I was in contact with GLAMGLOW UK until now they could not have been more helpful and friendly and I thoroughly recommend them from a customers perspective.

Finally the product itself…

The mask smells incredible, so much so that if I could eat it then I would. It is a light caramel colour and is surprisingly not sticky, however I did use an old clean make-up brush to apply it to make sure I had even coverage on my face and it worked really well. In case you are wondering it is also hassle free to remove, you can simply wipe clean your face using a flannel and warm water to remove the mask. Please note that you can’t really see that it’s on your skin because it’s quite light in colour so don’t forget you are wearing it and forget to take it off!

In fact this is my favourite face mask I have tried, because not only did it leave my skin smelling great, feeling super soft and hydrated but I really don’t like how so many face masks come in packets that aren’t self seal and this one is. When I use a face mask I like to be able to use as much as I need and then save the rest for later and not worry about it going off or drying out too quickly which I find happens with non resealable packets of the masks I usually buy. When I have used up all of my sample I will definitely look to buy a full sized product, however there is so much choice that I don’t know how I will choose!

Thank you for reading today’s post on GLAMGLOW UK THIRSTYMUD HYDRATING TREATMENT. Please make sure to check out their website (link below) and take a look at their full range of products. As usual comments are always welcome, I would love to hear what you think!


Happy reading,

Love Saff x



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