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Health and Fitness Q&A Part One

I thought I’d write today’s post on health and fitness, specifically related to my health and fitness journey. I asked the world of Instagram to give me some questions so I could do this Q&A post and I have tried to answer them as best as I could below.

Please note I am by all means NOT a fitness expert but I have got A-level and GCSE qualifications in Sport and Nutrition so I know enough to get by. I also trained as a Gymnast and a Cheerleader for many years so have picked up a few things from my training.

Do you mainly do cardio, weights or a mixture of both?

A mixture of both, I try to do 3x 30 minutes of resistance training (body weight and with weights up to 8kg). I also try and do 3x cardio sessions, these usually include: fast walking, HIIT training (intervals) or the stair-master (of doom).

Poached egg

Who is your fitness inspiration?

It’s currently Niamh Cullen. I follow her on every social media site (I am not a stalker haha) and look forward to her updates and workout videos. She’s such a lovely girl and even replies to my snapchats (yes I am fangirling) and she is the typical twenty-something year old girl who works, blogs, works out and seems to be rocking it. She’s truly inspirational and seeing how far she has come by evidently working hard makes me really aspire to be even a little bit as successful as she is.

What’s your favourite workout/ body part to train?

Definitely abs, I have a dream of waking up with abs one day.. I’m not quite there yet as it takes a lot of work and consistency with diet and working out but I think ill get there eventually (well I hope so). There’s something about that rolling out of bed the day after a good ab workout that I love..

How do you stay/get motivated?

I have days where I’m really unmotivated and I really can’t be bothered to eat well or workout and I just want to be in bed eating cake and ice cream and occasionally I do that because I believe balance is very important, if you restrict yourself then it is emotionally and physically draining and will eventually cause you to binge or fatigue which isn’t ideal, who doesn’t like a treat anyway? I find that when I look after my body and put good things into it I feel SO much better and I am not just saying that I honestly feel better, have more energy and feel more positive about my appearance too. 

It really helps to look back and see how far I have come since I have changed my eating habits and started working out at the gym and at home, I also like to share this on Instagram as I am really proud of myself and hope to inspire others too. Looking at my progress and realising how much more confident and how much happier I am in general really is motivating in itself. I take progress photos every week so I can monitor my progress, sometimes I feel like I have progressed and sometimes I feel no different but it really helps me to stay on track. My boyfriend is also really good at helping me stay motivated and encouraging me to keep pushing to do more, especially if I am having a bad day and am not feeling motivated he is really good at making me think about how far I have come and how much better I will feel once I’ve done that workout. 

I like to workout with my mum too at least once a week if I can, because although I don’t really like working out with other people me and mum are quite similar when it comes to the gym and we really love it so we push each other to our limits which sometimes I really need.

Progress photo

I think no-one is ‘too big’ to start a healthier lifestyle, if you want to make a change then its never too late and after all it is better late than never as they say. Start by making small changes that you can maintain, such as walking 30 minutes a day a couple of days a week. Swapping cereals for porridge or eggs as cereals are so full of sugar and artificial things and upping your water intake to make sure you are drinking at least 2 litres per day. If I am 100% honest I am really awful at staying hydrated, it is a daily struggle to make sure I drink enough because I just forget to drink. I now have a 2 litre bottle of water on my desk that I make sure I drink by the end of work as I find it helps to see how much I need to drink.

Do you use protein shakes? If so what type would you recommend, when do you take it and how often?

I use protein, but I don’t have it as a shake. I only have it when I am having my favourite Protein pancakes (see my recipe) which I have a few times a week, usually in the morning as they keep me full until my pre-lunch snack. This is because I love to eat and I prefer getting my protein in through natural and unprocessed sources such as nuts, seeds, meats, eggs etc. I use My Protein Impact Diet Whey in Chocolate flavour, it has Green Tea in it which is really good for boosting your metabolism.

Protein pancake

How do you keep your self from eating junk food?

I’d be lying if I said I don’t eat ‘junk food’ because I do, I love cake, chocolate, pizza well you name it! I just try and eat these things in moderation, they are so much nicer when you don’t have them all the time and it really is a treat when you do have them.

I’ve been trying to find alternatives to my favourite sweet things because I really have a sweet tooth – you can ask anyone who really knows me, a tub of Ben and Jerry’s lasts half an hour at best when I have it.. I’ve gotten used to 70% dark chocolate rather than milk or white chocolate and actually really like it now. I can only manage a few squares as its quite rich but its better for me. I try and dedicate a few hours to prep my meals for the week so then I don’t have to worry about buying food at work or from the supermarket as I end up spending so much money and buying food that is convenient and not very nutritious.

Poached egg and halloumi If you’d like me to do any more health and fitness posts either specifically food related or workout specific please let me know as I have really enjoyed writing this post and hope you enjoyed reading it. please note there were so many questions that i have have to write a part two with more answers which will be posted soon. As usual thoughts and comments are welcomed!

Thanks for reading!

Love Saff x


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