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PS PRO – Oval blending brush review

I have really wanted to try these types of brushes for SO long but when they first came out they were super expensive and had very mixed reviews. To be honest I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something I wasn’t sure I would like or use.

A few of weeks ago I visited Primark on Oxford street in London as I was there for a girly day, I was just so tempted to try them so I bought two brushes. I bought one medium one at £3 and one smaller one at £2.50 which I think is really reasonable per brush, I couldn’t wait to get home and try them…

To my surprise the bristles on the brushes are synthetic but they are so easy to clean (see my brush cleanliness post for more info) and haven’t lost any fibres at all which for £3 and under you really cant complain at all, they are such great quality. The handle is plastic and a good shape as it is designed to fit in the hand nicely and has a little bit of give so isn’t too stiff when you are trying to use it.

I am so pleased that I bought them because they are now my go to when applying liquid make-up although they can be used for powder too (I just don’t like to mix them). They are so good at allowing you to evenly apply your products without getting it on your hands on leaving streaks. I found that the smaller one is amazing for blending in concealers as you can get so close to your eye because of the just long enough handle and small brush head. The medium one is perfect for applying foundation or blending in liquid bronzer as it allows you to cover your whole face in no time.

For anyone looking to change up what they use to apply their make-up or simply add to their collection I would definitely recommend giving these a try. Next time I go into Primark I’m hoping to buy an even smaller brush for concealer and a large one to just use just for foundation application (that’s if they still have any).

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