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Boutique of Molly -Florence bag πŸ›πŸŒΈΒ 

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while now you’ll know that I love pink, its my favourite colour ever and if you haven’t then you’re about to.

I’ve been looking for a small coloured bag for a while as I only had black bags until now, actually most things I own are black and I wanted something a little bit different in a spring/ summer colour. I came across this one when browsing Boutique of Molly’s instagram and knew I had to have have it, the only thing left to do was order it and wait for it to arrive. I hate this bit for two reasons; one being spending money (I don’t like to part with it) and two I’m super impatient when shopping online I just cant wait to have it and would love it if instant delivery was a thing…

Fast forward to the part where I actually bought and received my bag (because no-one wants to hear me ramble on). It came soon enough in a pink mail bag that matched my bag pretty, it didn’t take long for me to rip open the packaging and be greeted with that new bag smell.. any true shopper will know this smell!

Saffy dixon boutique of molly
On to the bag review itself… I’ve had it a few days now and wanted to wait until I’d been able to use it regularly to see how easily I could use it in everyday life. Whenever I buy a small bag I wonder if everything I need will fit in it, the possibilities are endless, keep reading to find out what I thought.

Space and size: It’s deceiving and is pretty roomy with lots of compartments, seven in fact! It even has smaller ones which are perfect for keys or your phone because if you’re anything like me it can take way too long to find your keys or phone amongst the other things you keep in your bag, easy access is key! As I’ve mentioned I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fit everything needed in my bag but I managed to fit in exactly what I needed i.e. diary, keys, phone, money, lipstick and a pocket mirror.

Saffy dixon boutique of molly
Colour and materials: The main body and straps of the bag are pink with a black edge coating (I think that’s what its called) and gold metal detailing which I will talk to you a little bit more about later. Being pink was the main selling point for me as I was looking for a bright colour and its the right kind of pink for me, not too luminous just the perfect pastel pink. The bag interior is also pink and has a very soft feel, perfect for any pink lover. The bag is to be made from mainly two types of fabric – a shiny light pink one for the main bag and two interior pockets and a slightly darker faux suede feeling material for the flap and the main interior, I feel the two materials work together really well.

πŸ’‘Tip: I’ve found that using Garnier Micellar water on a cotton wool pad is very good for removing marks if you get anything on the bag, I have tried and tested this but do it at your own risk.

Detailing: There are many lovely details that make this lovely Boutique of Molly bag just a little bit extra special they are listed below

Removable and adjustable strap – Perfect using your bag as a clutch or an ordinary bag and the being adjustable means you can have it any length you wish.

Saffy dixon boutique of molly
Magnetic fastening – I like this as aesthetically pleasing.

Metal ring on the front – This is a useful feature as there is a chain on the side of the bag which you can attach the to the ring or hide the ring and attach the chain to the side of the bag for two different looks.

 Saffy dixon boutique of molly
Folded edge effect – Due to being made from several layered pieces it gives a layered effect on the side which can thicken depending on how full the bag is, I’ve never seen anything like it before so I think it’s pretty unique.

Saffy dixon boutique of molly
Overall I really love this bag by Boutique of Molly and I’m really pleased to be the owner of one, I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it. I would definitely buy it in other colours so hope they bring out more soon. I would say it is a reasonable price even before discount is applied (who doesn’t love a cheeky discount eh?) it is Β£30 but with code SAFFY20 you can get 20% off it and any other item on their site. So what are you waiting for? Go shop! 

Boutique of Molly – Florence page link 

I hope you enjoyed today’s post as usual and thoughts and comments are welcomed.

Thanks for reading!

Love Saff x


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