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Are your make-up brushes causing you breakouts? 

Today’s post is about brush/ make-up tool hygiene, how we can improve it and the effect it can have on our skin.

Why should we wash make-up brushes/tools? 

I know this sounds pretty obvious but just think about it say you wear make-up every day and you use a brush to put on your foundation. Every day that brush has product on it that’s being transferred onto your skin, this has bacteria on it and the longer you use the brush for between washes the more bacteria there is on the brush. You wouldn’t leave your towels unwashed after you’ve used them would you? I’m hoping you would say no, because no matter how clean you are after have a shower leaving that water on the towel is going to make it dirty after time, It’s the same principle, no matter how clean your face is before you’re putting on make-up bacteria is still going to build up on the tool.

How often should I wash my brushes/ tools?

It’s recommended by ‘experts’ that you wash them a minimum of once a month, maybe twice if you have a little time on your hands. I tend to wash my tools once a month because I’m too busy to do it more often and I don’t wear make-up every day so they don’t get too dirty.

How can I keep my brushes/tools cleaner between washes?

  1. Keep them stored separately from your products and wipe them if any make-up gets on the handles.
  2. Don’t leave them lying around or put them on the floor if you don’t have to (try and keep the brush side off surfaces when possible) the only thing they need to touch is your face/body.
  3. Only use your brushes for one thing I.e. If you use a certain brush for foundation only use it for foundation, this helps to avoid cross contamination.

What should I use to wash my brushes/tools? 

There are SO many products out there that are designed to wash brushes and tools but I’ve found using either: baby shampoo or ‘THE Pro Hygiene Collection‘ make-up sanitising wash does the job perfectly. I bought the 240ml bottle from Feel Unique it was £10 and seems to last forever as you only need a small amount to clean each item, however there are many other products out there this is just the one I choose to use.

A quick ‘how to’ guide for washing brushes/tools:

  1. Rinse all items (that you want to clean) in warm preferably running water or soak them if you’d rather, to help remove product build up. 
  2. Take a small amount (no larger than 5p size) of cleaner and massage that into the item, it should lather up and you should see the product coming off the item. (Do this with everything you want to wash)
  3. Rinse the brush under warm water and repeat steps 1-3 until the water runs clear on all items.

Please note depending on how often you use the items and how often you wash them it can take a while to get them clean, once you do it regularly you should find it doesn’t take as long because there shouldn’t be so much product build up!

Can I dry my brushes?

My advice is if you need to use them then you can dry them but only using a low/med temperature setting on your hairdryer. I think it’s best to let them air dry when possible. Blow dry your items at your own risk (especially if they have synthetic fibres) I will not be held liable for melted brushes/tools. Try and plan when you wash your brushes around when you need them because then it saves you time and you don’t have to worry about how quickly they dry, I always wash mine when I know I haven’t got anything planned and go make-up free for a few days.

Finally be sure to check expiration dates on make-up that you are using because it’s pointless dedicating time to keeping your products clean when you are then putting something out of date back onto your skin which will be full of dirt. The whole point of washing your tools is so you don’t put bacteria on your skin to try and avoid breakouts in the first place. 

If you are doing all of the above, well done you! Hopefully reading my post has given you a few new tips and tricks to try and if you are having trouble with your skin maybe even an answer! 

Thank you for reading, any thoughts and comments are always welcome!

Love Saff x


6 thoughts on “Are your make-up brushes causing you breakouts? 

  1. Great post! It is sooo important to clean your brushes! I definitely think they cause breakouts if not cleaned properly and frequently. Just thinking about someone using a dirty sponge or brush makes me cringe! I struggle with acne in the first place so I always have to make sure my brushes and sponges are clean from dirt and old makeup!

    -Danielle Ruppert

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