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What I hear because I ‘always eat healthily’ πŸ™ƒπŸ₯‘

I’m one of these people that likes to look after their body (most of the time) I don’t smoke, I don’t drink all the time and I love going to the gym (now I know I sound pretty boring here but bear with me here). 

Please don’t think of me as someone who’s scared of chocolate, cake, going out for a meal or a few drinks because I love it and  really look forward to it as a ‘treat’ to myself for an occasion, a date night with my boyfriend or just because. For example last night I was SO excited to go to Pedro’s for dinner because my car broke on the way the week before… (in case you were wondering it was worth the wait)

Dippy eggs parsnip soldier clean eating Alice
Dippy eggs and Parsnip soldiers 🍴

Most of the time I eat pretty healthily, I try and avoid processed foods if possible and I don’t eat cereals if I can help it because they are just full of sugar (If I’m going to eat sugar I’d rather have chocolate). I don’t feel I miss out from ‘nice foods’ as the foods I do eat I really enjoy and they don’t upset my stomach, I have IBS and a Gluten/wheat intolerance so avoiding these helps me feel a great deal better. 

A typical day of food for me usually consists of a cooked breakfast I.e. Porridge, omelette, scrambled eggs or something quick like a homemade smoothie. If my boyfriend stays over then I ALWAYS make him breakfast in bed, some may say I spoil him but I’d rather he went to work full and happy than hungry and snacking all the while, anyway back to a typical day… I then have a snack like frozen grapes, natural yoghurt and peanut butter or an Eat Natural bar (my favourite snack to date). At lunch I try and have some kind of meat with salad, rice or veg stir fry as it’s quick and easy to make if I’m taking it to work and keeps me full. I like to have two snacks in the day so I often have a skinny latte, 70% dark chocolate (I’m not a massive fan but it does satisfy my sweet tooth) or Metcalfe’s popcorn to get me through until tea time. This helps because I tend to go to the gym straight after work so it means I’m not so hungry by the time I get to the gym that I cant put 100% into my workouts. Dinner is one of my favourite meals as it gives me time to be creative because I don’t have to worry about transporting my food or reheating it, my favourite dinner at the moment is salmon, veg and sweet potato mash or homemade halloumi or beef burgers with sweet jacket potato, corn on the cob and salad!

Sweet potato saffy dixon fries
Saff loves food – chicken and sweet potato fries πŸ™ŒπŸ»

As much as I try to eat well I do like to indulge and I absoloutely LOVE dessert and believe ‘desserts are not made for sharing’ so don’t ever ask for a bite because I don’t share! I also have an addiction for Galaxy Golden eggs at the moment and fear that I may have to stock up before Easter passes, if you haven’t tried them then you must because they are amazing…

Crepes Paris pancakes food
Crepes in Paris 2016 ❀

Now probably the most annoying thing I hear people say is: “Omg Saff is eating chocolate – are you okay” and I think yes I’m fine, am I not allowed to eat chocolate, cake or nice things without it being a big deal? Or “don’t offer Saff any food because she’s too healthy to eat it” I’m not too healthy I just like to eat things in moderation. I find if you eat more nourishing foods most of the time that when you have something nice like cake or ice cream you enjoy it so much more because it’s a treat, plus then you don’t feel guilty for eating it.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is I try to be a pretty healthy person, not just for my appearance but for my comfort and because I feel that it’s right for me, please don’t assume that I can’t treat myself or eat ‘bad food’ because I can and I do but I work very hard going to the gym and eating well to look and feel how I do.

Most importantly please don’t judge others because they try to eat ‘well’, if you don’t want to then it’s up to you but judging someone for eating healthily is just as bad as judging someone who eats fish and chips and take always regularly. Be mindful of others and think about whether you would like the comments you make about people made about you before you speak.

Saffy dixonFor anyone who doesn’t know, this is me and I’m pretty happy figuring out who I want to be. 
I hope you found my post insightful, any thoughts and/or comments I would love to know.

Happy reading!

Love Saff x


4 thoughts on “What I hear because I ‘always eat healthily’ πŸ™ƒπŸ₯‘

  1. Honestly I think it is just their own insecurities! They know that a bag of crisps and a creme egg isn’t a nutritious lunch, but rather than take inspiration and better themselves, they try to drag you down. It can really hurt if it goes on long enough! I’m glad you could vent to your blog, and I hope you can put them in their places if they do go too far.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with you there, it’s not like it’s expensive to eat well and look after yourself you can do it reasonably cheaply! It’s not the best feeling but at the end of the day it their bodies that will be affected I just think it’s as bad as being nasty to someone because they are overweight etc..


  2. Society and people in generally are just rather interesting lots. I mean it’s just food, right? If you’d like to join my lifestyle, be my guest. For me, I raise eyebrows when I say I don’t love chocolate. I just don’t. I also love cooked meals which I eat 99% of the time. It’s a struggle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! It’s so annoying isn’t it, if I ate cake everyday people would comment but if I eat healthily people want you to feel bad for that too and it doesn’t make sense! X


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