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Bershka – the best black high waisted jeans

Jeans are one thing I wear all the time, I think they are great because you can wear them any time of year for pretty much any kind of occasion, you can dress them up or down or however you want. They come in all kinds of styles, lengths, sizes and colours but today I want to talk about black high waisted jeans because I’ve been on the hunt for a pair for a long time and I’ve finally found the perfect pair!

At 5ft 6 and a size 8 in jeans I’m not tall or short and I’m not particularly thin or large so finding the right pair of jeans is difficult. It also doesn’t help that I have a reallyyy long body.. hence why I love high waisted jeans because they make me feel like I have longer legs as they don’t cut me off at the hips and they help give me an hourglass shape, black jeans I feel go with everything so what’s not to love?

I picked up a pair of Bershka jeans in Spain last year and loved them, they didn’t fade or shrink and they were just the right length for my not so long legs that I bought a couple of pairs. I’ve lost weight since and had to buy some new ones so a few weeks ago bought a black pair. I’ve tried pairs from Primark, Topshop, H&M, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Missguided but these have by far the best all round fit. 

The ankles are actually in proportion to the rest of the jeans, which is great because I hate having jeans that are too long with baggy ankles! Another thing I like about them is they wash well and keep their colour and haven’t seemed to shrink in the wash (I never tumble dry jeans though as I’m too scared). Plus they have a really high waist that doesn’t rub and is quite small, I also have the problem that my thighs and bum are almost a different jean size to my calfs and waist so I either end up with a baggy waist or super tight in the leg/ bum area which isn’t ideal, but with these jeans they fit everywhere just right!

Bershka jeans
Bershka high waisted jeans

In the above picture I’m trying to show you how they fit me (but my crazy hair is somewhat distracting), everyone’s different and I’m sure many people will look better in jeans than I do, and yes I know I’m wearing double denim, but they make me feel comfortable and I like them.

This pair was £19.99 and I ordered them online, they do them in other colours and sizes if you look online or in store.

Bershka – high waisted skinny jeans

Thank you for reading today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it. Any thoughts or comments I would love to hear.

Happy reading!

Love Saff x

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