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Colouring your hair at home – tips and tricks 

I thought I’d do a post on colouring hair at home as so many people seem to do this now, and quite often I get asked how to have stopped failed attempts happening or how to fix it… and to be honest it would have been easier for these to not have happened in the first place. So below I’ve listed frequently asked questions and answers. 

*Please note these are my opinions solely, I am a qualified hairdresser but follow my advice at your own risk*

Q1: I have blonde hair and I want to go dark/brown – I wouldn’t recommend doing this at home as can lead to hair turning khaki or a warm/ginger colour, seek proffesional advice I.e. Go to a salon and have a consultation, you shouldn’t change from light to dark in one session.

💡Tip: Always wear gloves when colouring hair, to protect skin from irritation and changing colour and wear old clothing as colour often stains.

Q2: How do I stop getting colour marks around my face/neck when colouring hair? And how do I remove them? – Put barrier cream around the hairline to prevent staining. To remove staining you can buy stain remover or if you notice after applying colour that it is on the face/neck get a damp flannel with a little soap on it and gently rub it off.

💡Tip: When colouring hair make sure to do a skin test 48 hours before colouring to test for allergies to the product, often done behind the ear or inside of the elbow. *If skin is sore/red this could indicate an allergy. Any signs of allergic reaction, anaphylactic shock or skin damage also means you shouldn’t use the product* 

Q3: I have brown hair and want to go blonde/lighter – Similar to Q1, seek proffesional advice as this is a difficult process and can take several months to get desired effect.

💡Tip: Only leave colour on for the recommended time, any longer can damage your hair and cause irritation.

Q4: Why is my hair getting darker when I’m putting the same colour on it? I often get asked this question and when I ask ‘do you put the colour over all the hair?’ I often get told the answer ‘yes’ I think that if the colour on the length and ends of your hair is the colour you want it then you should only apply the colour to the roots of your hair. This means less damage to the hair and less colour build up, so the colour should be more even after application.

💡Tip: When rinsing off colour use cooler water as it stops the colour from running and locks it in.

Q5: I’ve bought a colour that I like, how do I know what colour my hair is going to go when this is applied? The simple answer is you don’t always know by looking at a colour so a strand test is recommended. This is where you get a small bit of hair and colour it as per the instructions and see what colour it turns out. This will vary on: hair condition, previous colours and treatments (other factors can influence colour too).

💡Tip: Invest in a colour protect shampoo and conditioner as it will help maintain your hair for longer

I hope you enjoyed reading my tips and Q&A’s, any questions and thoughts I’d love to know!

Happy reading!

Love Saff x


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