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My top 5 everyday beauty picks..

So it’s autumn and as a rule I don’t like to wear too much makeup on a day to day basis because I like to feel natural and like myself, not like I’m wearing a mask. 

But it’s getting colder and I feel like i need a little something to give my skin a glow, so I thought I would share with you my top 5 beauty products I use to feel good.

The first one is Garnier BB cream original in light, I like this one because I’m quite fair so it blends well with my natural skin tone (and hair) without making me feel like I’m wearing too much in my skin. Plus it helps to hide blemishes without really clogging up my skin, and I feel it gives me a subtle glow! You can buy this for around £6-7, I picked mine up in Sainsbury’s.

The second is Anastasia DIPBROW pomade in dark brown, this is  one thing I just can’t go out without. Wherever I go I have to make sure my brows are looking good, and this one product just does that. I have had mine since August and trust me when I say less is more, just a tiny bit of this goes a long long way. It is easy to apply and mine came with the double ended eyebrow comb and brush for £13.50    I bought mine off Depop, however you can order elsewhere online.

Another beauty item I really like is my Master sculpt bronzer and hilighter in light. It’s compact, it has a small brush and mirror built in and is long lasting on the skin. The only downside to this is that I find the brush a bit too small so I like to use my own bronzer brush, but the small one is great for on the go touch ups. This is another I picked up fromSainsbury’s for around £7 but can be picked up from most stores. 

Another makeup item that is a daily essential for me is mascara, I feel like when I wear it my whole face opens up and I look more awake. I like to switch between different ones for different looks, but for day to day wear I really like Max Factor false lash, in black. It adds a bit of volume to my lashes, but really lengthens them too. I picked this one up when it was reduced from £12 to £8 a few weeks ago.

Finally MUA mist, is always a good choice because it keeps my makeup looking natural (I’m not a matte kind of girl) but keeps it locked in place for the day! It’s also really good to spray on my DIPBROW when it starts to dry out.

These are just some of my favourites, if you have any thoughts or questions on anything I would love to hear!

This is all the products on my face after a day at work

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